Apple TV and remote

Apple TV Remote

Apple TV back view

Apple TV

by: Apple Inc.


United States of America

The Apple TV is the closest you can get to a smooth and convenient TV viewing experience in the streaming age, especially combined with a cable login. The main "menu" combines your watch list along with a bunch of other recommendations to give you a quick way to watch something new or pickup where you left off, which then pops you into the right streaming app. Amazon's Prime video app was finally added after a long holdout and Netflix, which does have an app, doesn't tie in with the TV menu and sync viewing history, which is one of our main gripes (but bearable). Check out the 4K version if you have a higher resolution 4K television.

Dimensions: base 35mm(h) x 98mm(w) x 98mm(d), remote 124mm(h) x 38mm(w) x 6.3(d)

Weight: 425 g (base), 45 g (remote)

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