Copper Household Scissors – Large

by: Tajika



Designed as everyday scissors, they are versatile in application and do not rust easily. The ideal application is for stationary and lightweight fabrics, so they will fit all your household needs. They are beautiful, but are not just for show... they have a smooth firm cut.
Additional Details:
  • Made in Japan
  • 2.5″ or 64mm Blade
  • Textured copper finish
  • Develops a darker patina over time
  • For rust prevention, part of the blade is greased when the products are shipped from Japan
  • Please wipe clean with a soft cloth before use.
  • Comes with a protective plastic case for the blade
  • Typically used as stationary scissors
  • The copper alloy has been adjusted to prevent rusting and a hardness appropriate for scissors
  • Design is the third iteration of Tajika’s most popular scissors with back plow
  • Tajika branding is stamped onto the scissors
  • Screw may need occasional lubrication if difficulties opening over time develop

Designer: Daisuke Tajika

Maker: Tajika

Dimensions: 2.5” (w) x 7” (l) x 0.375” (h)or 64mm (w) x 178mm (l) x 10mm (h)

Weight: 0.16 lbs or 0.07 kg

Materials: Copper

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