Mini Tsurukubi Flower Vase

by: Northerns



"Inspired by small vases that his grandfather made 40 years ago, Hiroyuki Inoue carries on the tradition by adding a modern twist to a best seller. Tsurukubi means "Crane's Neck" in Japanese. The miniature Tsurukubi Flower Vase was hand crafted using a wood lathe and freehand tools, with wood hand selected for its unique grain patterns. Once polished, each piece is treated with a Japanese urethane coating."
Additional Details:
  • Dry flowers are recommended.
  • Finish: Urethane finish
  • Note: Flower not included.
  • Artisan: Hiroyuki Inoue, Akarino-Tane

Maker: Hiroyuki Inoue & Akarino-Tane

Dimensions: 35mm (w) x 55mm (h)

Materials: Maple

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