Half-Moon Boxwood Comb

by: Jusan-Ya


Kyoto, Japan

"Boxwood combs have a long history in Japan as both supernatural objects and cosmetic accessories. Today the combs are appreciated, as much for their aesthetic beauty as their functionality and Jusun-Ya has become renowned for their high-quality versions. Since 1875, the company has been using original production methods from the Nara period (8th C.). They gather boxwood boards, fumigate the wood, then store the bundles for ten years making them thoroughly dry and warp resistant. When the wood is ready, each comb tooth is measured by eye and sawed by hand. The combs are resistant to static electricity and help promote healthy hair. We love how the teeth will smooth out and glide easier with frequent use and how the amber colour of the wood deepens with age! In contemporary times, many of the combs have a multi-purpose function. The Half-Moon Boxwood Comb is used as an everyday comb or pocket comb for regular hair."
Additional Details:
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Do not dip combs in water
  • Avoid combing wet hair
  • Coat liberally with vegetable oil (camellia or olive) and place in plastic bag for 2-3 days to clean comb

Designer: Jusan-Ya

Maker: Jusan-Ya

Dimensions: 2.1” (w) x 3.9” (l) x 0.3” (h) or 53mm (w) x 99mm (l) x 8mm (h)

Weight: 0.5 oz or 14.2 gr

Materials: Boxwood

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