Toothpick Case

by: Nalata Nalata



"Yet another testament to the Tanno family’s incredible wood working skills! The toothpick cases by Masakage Tanno are crafted with so many intricate details. The pinch opening mechanism is especially satisfying. What a novel idea for a toothpick case (but truthfully most of our clients actually use the case for other paraphernalia)! Toothpick Case was curated by Stevenson Aung"
Additional Details:
  • Handmade in Asahikawa, Japan
  • Spring-loaded pinch opening mechanism
  • Padauk wood push buttons
  • Fits the length of standard sized toothpicks

Designer: Tanno Masakage

Maker: Tanno Masakage

Dimensions: 0.9” (w) x 3.2” (l) x 0.8” (h) or 22mm (w) x 81mm (l) x 19mm (h)

Weight: 0.6 oz or 17 g

Materials: Maple, Walnut, Oak, Padauk

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